$1,100.92 for the Birmingham LGBT Centre

Hi all,

Happy new year! I apologize for being a bit out of the loop recently. As some of you have perhaps seen on Twitter, Iā€™m currently dealing with the fact that Graham Linehan, the erstwhile comic and now curtain-twitching chin-biter, has used this platform, Substack, to ramp up his baseless accusations against me. Iā€™ve been in conversation with Substack about whether, in their view, the claims (which Iā€™ve screen capped below) are ā€œlibelousā€ or ā€œabusiveā€ enough to warrant censure or deletionā€”difficult to imagine what would meet that standard, if these donā€™t. I havenā€™t wanted so much as to look at Substack until these disgusting messages have been taken down. I donā€™t expect any support from Linehanā€™s alliesā€”Kathleen Stock, Jesse Singal, Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Sullivan, and Katie Herzogā€”but of course the great and the good of Substack are quite happy with academics being smeared like this, as long as their own pockets are being lined. It is all utterly reprehensible.

However, I owe you all a message. A few weeks ago, I said that any further revenues received by this newsletter would be donated to the Birmingham LGBT Centre in the U.K. The first donation went out a few weeks ago, and the second has been delayed. But the Stage Mirror took $708.11 on 11/28/20, and $392.81 on 01/04/21, making $1,100.92 in total, or Ā£811.96. Iā€™ve just paid that out to the BLGBT PayPal account, which you can find here: https://www.paypal.com/gb/fundraiser/charity/3209902

Iā€™ve posted receipts below, along with the Linehan screencaps. Hope everyone is well, surviving these monstrous times.

lots of love,