Dick Pills, or, a Felt Limit

mild spoilers for the Bojack Horseman finale below; also some graphic descriptions of gender dysphoria. Sometimes, trans women take Viagra, or equivalent. I only discovered this perfectly intuitive datum since moving to New York, although perhaps my sisters in California are all hopping on the ‘agra, too. It is a perfectly intuitive use of a medicine: it allows one’s penis to become erect, but does not require any kind of hormonal intervention - so one can have erections (“achieve erections” - 👏👏👏) without hormonal intervention, ie without re-introducing testosterone into one’s endocrine system. Some people I’ve spoken to enjoy the delights a hard dick can supply when deployed by someone with an estrogenated endocrine system; others have used Viagra for work, and have more ambivalent feelings about it. I recently decided I wanted to try it, though I’m not entirely sure of my motivations. I used to enjoy the ways I had sex, and wondered whether it might be possible to put on the knowledge with the power, to use a slightly inapposite Yeats metaphor. (Yeats never wrote the perfect line for a woman deciding to resurrect her penis, sadly; “Leda and the Swan” is the closest thing we have.) Yesterday morning, I took Viagra for the first time.

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