Dearest ones,

Thank you so much to those of you who wrote in response to my rather peremptory (not to say officious) request for branding info. I learned things! A number of you belong to one or some of the demographic groups I mentioned‚ÄĒbut just as many of you weren‚Äôt at all. Which goes to show that marketing is bunk, to our collective relief. Some people shared moving stories of how writing by trans people‚ÄĒespecially writing about sex‚ÄĒcan help wear away the feelings of isolation that so many of us have. This strikes me as a good use of one‚Äôs time on earth‚ÄĒso thank you for sharing these stories with me.

Another thing that really resonated with me yesterday, which a number of people mentioned in their messages, is that confident trans women (and, of course, we understand ‚Äúconfidence‚ÄĚ as both emerging from and tending to reproduce a certain kind of privilege) can be especially invigorating to cis women. This hasn‚Äôt exactly occurred to me before, but I can certainly see how it might work. I do think some version of that axis of solidarity is the basis for much of my work; much of our work. Feminism is that which trans and cis women have in common.

Thank you! I will try to respond individually but please be patient for this morning I am reeling from spiro and lexapro withdrawal (thanks to a mix-up moving prescriptions). So taking it a little easy today‚ÄĒand vibing out to the best of my ability.