I've Decided to Help Out an Old Foe

Please give generously.

Dear all,

I’ll get back in the swing of regular updates soon, but today I just wanted to ask you all to review this GoFundMe I’ve set up, in the hopes of helping Graham Linehan to bring the libel suit that he has been threatening for the last few days.

After all, I think we all want to see him explaining to a court why “Graham Linehan is a vile bigot” is a libelous and damaging falsehood, despite looking (on first glance) like a rather uncontroversial opinion.

The cause of free speech demands that we sue this person for expressing her views! Onwards, comrades!

Please do donate––it’s going to go to a good cause––and circulate widely, and post on all your socials (that means “social media accounts,” for the non-mediatic). Feel free to use the hashtag #GrahamLinehanIsAVileBigot, but obviously do so *ironically.* The last thing we want is to accidentally prompt another lawsuit!

best wishes and love to all,