Not that I have any interest in “canceling” a major critic, but I have noticed over the last few years a great deal of sentimental attachment to Eve Sedgwick, an attachment it is quite difficult for me to share. I *have* shared it, at times - but I think since I started to transition, I’ve begun to associate her thinking more with the emergence since the 90s of a new form of anti-trans polemic, one which takes for its mission the protection of recessive modes of gay life, and postulates that the increased availability of medical treatment for children (hormone blockers, say) as evidence that effeminacy is at risk of pathologization by the medical state. The evidence suggests otherwise, of course - that parents are generally much more supportive of gay children than trans children; and that trans people accordingly spend many years waiting to obtain any kind of treatment, and grow increasingly at risk of depression and isolation. But it makes sense if (and only if) one assumes that all effeminate boys grow up to be either gay men, or closet cases, and masculine girls grow up to be either lesbians or closet cases.

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