the return of Dickory Nixon

How am I to explain what I am publishing here? A while ago, I wrote a fictional story about a British enfant terrible trans woman named Dickory Nixon:

Lots of people thought Dickory was real, and then I felt guilty for having hoaxed them:

…and I tried to create space for people to talk about Dickory Nixon:

To my surprise, people had kind of loved her, as awful and cringe as she was. Even more surprising was that I too had come to love her; there was no spite in her awfulness, and there was an exuberance to her cruelty. The problem, as I tried to make clear, was that she had been gassed up beyond all sense, made to carry unrealistic expectations, deprived of responsible editing and engagement, and encouraged to wallow in pointless, politically inert antagonisms. Anyway, I encouraged people to write essays and manifestos and whathaveyou under the name “Dickory Nixon,” in hopes that we could bring this person to life.

At some point a few years ago, I had the idea of getting all the horny trans people I know - which is more or less all the trans people I know - and trying to live on an island together, in one perpetual orgy. The plan was called TRANSSEXUAL FUCK ISLAND. I have spoken about this with a handful of friends.

Yesterday, a friend sent me an email entitled TRANSEKSUAL FUCK ISLAND. I knew who it was because of the missing X: this is the t-girl friend of mine who has a broken keyboard, and replaces X with KS. It was a—manifesto? Constitution?—for transsexual fuck island. It was as compelling a manifesto as I have ever read. I reproduce it here, reiterating that I didn’t write it (honestly) but that I countersign every word.

It is signed “Dickory Nixon.”

 * * * 


transeksual fuck island a blueprint

by dickory nikson (by this broke bitch a keyboard)

the purpose of transkesual fck island is ecstatic ritual radical peace an d global rebellion. its infrastructure eksists but needs realising. the rest can be stolen. this is for all the ripped off bitches

the important thing to realise is that each life goal can be laughed at, but who makes the bricks, and the bats? we're getting inside and there's nothing you cand o about it.

the tansteksual fuck island needs to be an artificial because on transeucksual fuck island everything has to be artificial and everyone has to be artificial ie transeuksual including the caterpillars they hae to be transeksHoual too but alo because if you use a real one thats just colonialist duh

if you try to run away from us were already there

the blueprint was written by sylvia rivera

th blueprint was written by black is beauiful

the blueprint was written by horny bitches and hos

every transeksual on the mainsland is trapped inside a cisgender social body

the transeksual fuck island is modular because modules are radical and more importantly rhisömatique.

the sweeter the fruit.

our feelings can be mass produced, scaled up, we need to make some tweaks to the architecture but weve got people on it itll happen its good.

infection must happen from deep within better get it in.

you cannot defeat all the bottoms of the world!

we are currently running simulations to determine probability amplitudes associated with such parameters as violence against property, violence against violence, ideal quantites of being(s) in an orgy, taking hostages who will then pretend to hae stocklhom syndrome when they are returned but really they're coming back just like they fantasised in homeland, just mor dancing and drugs in general, abolishing unis, whether anybody who is gien authority must be ritually sissified, perwersion, drums at protests, boombokses at protests, area and tonnage of island module, material of island module, sources of power, locations for prefabricating the island module, how to get internt access to the planet without fucking things up. the catgirls are onit.

the blueprint was written by brother karl's hemerrhoid from sitting in the british library reading room all day.

wigged out, geeked out, we dance to bacchic beats, sapphic chic, spastik freak, a complete disease.

i mean mdma and mushrooms and lsd and ketamine of course but anything else, i don't know, you wanna ban seconals, ok, maybe you got a point we can talk. speaking personally i think it's fucking sad all the coleridge stans cant drop laudanum.

hot girls, we need more hot girls, more titties and fucking, ten times the titties!

the body is a toile that can be ripped open and rearranged to create an artwork, or not.

(cannabis was already assumed, and alcohol, and caffeine.

the blueprint was written by elisa acton lol jk nothing gainst her she just seems like somethinga terf might like that's otherwise ok or een cool like prince

the future is fungus

we are going to alter states


(i assume that you are drug positive but forgot that maybe you werent a tran)

what weneed to do now is get inside.

were already inside where it counts the head

inside the dick the ballsac on the prostate

we need bros and sisses and sibs on all ffronts nothing will contain our chaos, if you see what a hundred catgirls and boisluts can do imagine what the discipline of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds will do, hallucinate me a communism, randomly shift frequencies, not just *pseudo*randomly shift frequencies duh.

but definitely we have to get the color scheme right or else it will never work.

Episode 3: Tran Yuri Ekspress

take a ride on the groovy train baby feel it dig it we know down low  it dig it all aboard the tran yuri ekspress fuck slow feel it dig it now aboard the tran yuri ekspress titty grow just like fake trains on fake tracks in the snow freshly driben yo dig it there'll be no cars on the fuck island 

peace love equality!!


oho BYTHEWAY if the question is whether ace/aro are wanted on transeksual fuck island the answer is duh ofc wtf is wrong with you get off my island you narc